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Effect of presence / Effet de présence

Effect of presence, 2012


covering: fabrics, 500 x 300 cm, video 0:05:15, loop ( residency project, art centre Pushkinskaya-10, Saint Petersburg )

© Olga Dospekhova. All rights reserved

Distance creates a new look at the environment. When I came back home to Saint Petersburg, after two years of studies in France, I discovered a lot of changes around my neighbourhoods. The word that was coming into my head: abandonment, desolation. Abandonment of city projects, abandonment of people. Indifference.

A beautiful seaside before, this place was filling up with the sand. Instead of a huge architectural project, with a lot of investment, there was made just one small port building, and a desert of durty sand around. Now the seaside is closed for citizen and they can't even watch the sea anymore.

By covering the stones, my intention was to make an artistic intervention on this site, bring a focus on this landscape, create a kind of fragile map which would archive this place in some way and  to tell  :
« I am with you ».


Project was created during the international art residency at art centre Pushkinskaya 10.


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